10Musume 040712_01 Megumi Suzuki Amateur AV Interview Nurse who came to the interview
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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10Musume 040712_01 Megumi Suzuki Amateur AV Interview Nurse who came to the interview

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Megumi who appeared this time is an active nurse (22 years old)! It is a girl who is willing to wrap everything with a gently smiley and verbal word unique to an active nurse. When she finally became a nurse, she finally said that one year passed, she got accustomed to work but she seems to be stressed at work. The reason for this application seems to be for the stress relief of those busy days. When the interview actually started and asked for permission to photograph, "I refuse to shoot because my own job title is caught ...", but I refused to shoot, but accepted smoothly when I talk about Galla. Well, since the motivation for the girls who come to the interview is almost "money", it is the fastest time to bring them to the story with the core rather than negotiating gently. So I started shooting. When Mr. Clothes was taken off, there was a different face Megumi with a black erotic underwear there. First of all, I will ask you from a blowjob. Megumi who was caught on the face with the finish, can not stop to wipe out the semen, drop the makeup and make it luxurious. When we bargain and negotiate with you after we have exposed both the body and our real face, of course it will be upgraded and, of course, at first we said "Eh! What? It is impossible because I am ashamed, "but I was negotiated in reverse as if I would double themselves. I'm a greedy nurse for both etiquette and money (laugh). After negotiations are established, if you change your body tights and change your masturbation, you can easily switch into the serious mode. I finished it like this drinking saliva if I wanted to be nursed by such an erotic nurse. Please check with your eyes for the deployment after this!


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