HEYZO 0641 Kyoko Nakajima exposes her sexual desire
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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HEYZO 0641 Kyoko Nakajima exposes her sexual desire

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A pussy that makes a punchy sound when you are having phone sex with a guy. Overflowing sexual desire can not be suppressed anymore! As soon as he calls a man to his house without her husband ... Veteran actress Nakajima Kyoko who played back the AV last year appeared the latest work of HEYZO popular series "Other person wife" (Hitotsumi)! Kyoko who likes big cock, invites lustfulness with gestures and facial expressions seeking a man at its highest. If you think that you are suddenly suffering with a skilled tongue use, it intertwines with a fierce agonizing over the cock. A married wife who whispers and forgets me for pleasure as being poked hard with a stick of another person and putting it inside. Cum shot of rich semen inside as requested!

男とテレフォンセックスをしていると、あっという間にピチャピチャ音をたてるおマンコ。溢れ出す性欲がもう抑えられない!夫のいない間に男を自宅に呼びつけるとすぐに・・・ HEYZO人気シリーズ「他人妻味(ひとつまみ)」の最新作は、昨年AV復帰を果たしたベテラン女優中島京子が登場!大きなチンポが大好きな京子さん、男を求めるしぐさと表情が最高に色っぽく欲情を誘う。熟練した舌使いで一心不乱にむしゃぶりついたかと思えば、男根にまたがり悶え妖艶に絡み合う。他人棒で激しく突かれ「中に出して」と快感に我を忘れ囁く人妻。求められるまま濃厚ザーメンを中出し!

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