Last walk & last fuck in Bali, Indonesia
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Last walk & last fuck in Bali, Indonesia

February 28, 2017.

I decided to stay just one night after I came back to Kuta. I will come back to Bali another time and pray for better luck. But guys, it didn’t end that bad. On my walk this afternoon, I ate in a restaurant where there was a lonely Chinese tourist eating, as well. I decided to make a move and started to talk to her. Turned out this girl was super-easy. She was here with a group and got bored. Just had a fight with 2 other girls and was stressed. I felt from the start that she was into me, so I asked where she is staying at and she was in the same hotel as me.

After 30 minutes, I asked if she wanted to have a drink in my room. She said “yes” and I was preparing for another historic episode on ASD, and one of my all time fantasies to fuck a Chinese tourist. It was all good and she was really horny but I still had to mention the filming. I did it in my room and to my surprise she was cool with it as long as I would not show her face. Deal was made. Didn’t even request a condom. What a slut, damn it.

Hope you will like this video, even if you don’t see her face. She was delicious, no hair on her pussy, big boobs and soft white skin. What a wonderful experience this was. No creampie, she asked to cum outside but still, wonderful and super-horny.

Then she left, back to her friends. Happy.

Tomorrow Is my flight to Bangkok.

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