Rizza: Giggly and Jiggly
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Rizza: Giggly and Jiggly

We have a special Monday update for you here, guys. Let’s call it Mammary Monday! It’s only fitting to name it as such since the Pinay Duke scooped up recently off of Fields Ave is packing a serious set of lovely Asian tits. They don’t get much better than this over here in the Eastern Hemisphere fellas. This 25 yr old’s rack is just breath-taking to behold… and hold, as Duke will tell ya.

It all started off innocently enough, with Duke trotting up lower Fields Ave towards Phillies. In front of the perpetually dead “under construction” area of the infamous strip, he spotted a stripe-adorned Filipina of the more voluptuous variety. As any of you who’ve been members long know, we take all kinds here so this sumptuous babe was more than welcome to hitch a ride in our trike.

She was full of giggles and apprehension at first, which is not too unusual of a reaction I suppose. After all, it’s not everyday you get a middle-aged foreign man walking up to you with a camera in broad daylight here. But despite her jittery response, she was keen to hop in a trike off of Raymond street with little to no hesitation.

On the ride to Duke’s hotel room she admitted she was new in town and didn’t love it much. Though, as I’m sure her co-workers will tell her, getting dicked down every night by a different foreigner is somewhat of an acquired taste. A few more bumper turns and some more giggles from Rizza and they were finally in the privacy of the hotel room.

She tells us about her first sexual experience, favorite position (doggy) and experience with various foreign men before Duke gets her posing and stripping down to reveal those bodacious Asian tits of hers. A short soapy shower was followed by Duke’s signature clit-buzzing session; to which Rizza responded rather well to compared with some others. She would then return the stimuli with some efficient, if not totally awkward, blowjob service on Duke.

You can feel the air leave your lungs when this girl swings those heaving breasts across the screen to mount ol’ boy Duke for some cowgirl riding. Man, they are nice to look at and I’m sure even better to touch and squeeze in person. She gets her cock-riding freak on rather well one must say, closing her eyes and grinding her squishy bits up & down on Duke’s pole. Those big swinging Asian knockers flopping to & fro all the while.

Duke bends this busty babe over and bangs away at her from behind in her favored doggy position, deftly giving us some nice dual views between 3rd person and POV. After having her spread eagle on her back and screwing her in missionary, our Pinay pummeling friend withdraws from her pussy, rips off his rubber and rains runny ribbons of reproductive ranch dressing all over her lower abdominal area. Rizza was left gasping for air and yes, giggling at the sticky splooge puddle now decorating her soft stomach.

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