Zue: Fields Ave Filly
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Zue: Fields Ave Filly

Look how easy it is to get Filipina girls on Fields Avenue in Angeles City.

Fields Avenue in Angeles City at night. There’s no place like it in the World. The sexual energy in the air is palpable. Thousands of hot and ready Filipina girls just begging to be fucked. The odds are not merely in your favor, but totally stacked up for you. Most bars and clubs are wall-to-wall pussy, with a few mongers spread between. It turns everything you knew about social scenes in the West upside down on it’s head.

Sure, you need to pay the “Early Work Release” (EWR) or “barfine” to go home with someone but even with the ever-increasing prices, it’s still far cheaper than what you’d spend of a pussyless “night out” back home. This, among many other reasons, is why guys like Duke frequent the place so often. It’s totally worth the airfare, long flights and everything else involved once you get your tired, underappreciated feet on the ground.

The lights, the sounds, the smells, the hot and sexy Filipina girls EVERYWHERE pining for your attention. Simply stated, it’s a fairy dreamland for the average, middle-aged, working man. You don’t even need to bother with the barfine game if you don’t feel like it. As Duke shows us here, you can easily score a willing snatch right up off the street. There are off-duty bargirls, off-duty mall girls, off-duty girlfriends and every other kind of Pinay girl just loitering around trolling for a happy foreign penis to prick them at a nominal rate. It’s supply & demand 101, and you are in low supply and high demand for once in your life.

On this occasion, Duke comes across a cute girl named “Zue” waiting right in the heart of the action for a like-minded visitor to come strolling along. When he does, there is little that needs to be said before hailing a trike. Within a few meters of where they met, Zue is already talking about “boom boom”. That’s our kind of girl!

Once back in the room, a short intro follows before a nice soapy shower display. All in an evening’s work in Angeles City, before the real “work” begins. Duke tested out his clit vibrator once again on Zue, which yielded more agreeable results than with previous Filipina girls. The real surprise though, was when Zue got that dick in her mouth and went to town…..down town! This Pinay chick could suck a cock with authority! You never know what you’re going to get when you find a random LBFM off the street but this was one who knew what she was doing and suffice to say it wasn’t her first trike ride.

Speaking of riding, she was rather good at that also. She ponied up and down on Duke’s lucky pole with intensity and vigor, whinnying with enjoyment as she rode. Duke slammed her around the bed a good while longer before pulling out and spraying jizz across her torso. While it probably won’t go down as one of the best Filipina girls or best patrols in history, it was surely a fair and honest representative of our ever-growing “body” of Filipina fucking “work”.

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